Hello guys,

How has the week been? Hope it is going great…

Breaking News that is not so new: Donald John Trump has been inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America.

I am not going to talk about how sad I am Donald is the new president, because its not really any of my business. Nigeria has enough issues to worry about.

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2017: Start Afresh…….

Just like that the year 2016 is gone..

2016 was one heck of a year but we scaled through, so despite all  I am thankful for that.

Let me officially welcome you to 2017!!!! My name is Moyinoluwa, work in a bank by day, blogger by night, (p.s I feel like a superhero most times, Wonder Woman or Storm?).

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Hi Guys,
Welcome to the month of November, less than 60 days to the end of the year.
This year has been full of ups an downs but we are still here having overcome all odds. One of my goals this year was to volunteer for a charity and help put smiles on the faces of those who are less privileged, so when I saw the opportunity to do just that with The Charity 2016 organized by The Executives Initiative I practically jumped at it.What better way to end the year than by giving back and making the festive season memorable for those who do not have as much …………..

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It’s the start of a new week and it is filled with endless opportunities and possibilities, who is as excited as I am? On second thought I could have sworn yesterday we were in January, what is chasing this year though………
This a new segment on the blog  that will be posted on the last Saturday of every month to celebrate bloggers that are doing exceptionally well in their different niche, and I am super psyched that the first blogger spotlight feature is none other than Adetola Adegbohun aka DeeDee of deedees blog

Broken Hearts X Mended Friendships

Hey guys,

This week went by really fast…… and the weekend is here , I can already smell it.
Today we would be talking mending broken friendships. This topic is dear to me because I have had an experience and it was not pretty.
 “I had hurt her a great deal, I should have at least heard her out but no I just shut every single avenue to communicate with her. Back then it felt like the right thing, but now that I sit back and reminisce about the whole issues all I keep asking myself was how I got here.
All I wanted to do was turn back the hands of time, right my wrongs and have my friend back. I finally got the opportunity and summoned the courage to ring her up and talk things over. For those that know me, telling people sorry has never actually been my strong suit but I made an exception in this case.
Honestly, after clearing the air I felt like a great burden had been lifted off my heart. It might take a while to go back to the way we were or we might never, I don’t know but one good thing came out of it all
I got my friend back………………”

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Its Giveaway Season…….

Hey Guys,
So our dear country, Nigeria, turns 56 in a couple of days. A lot of people might not see any reason to be thankful or celebrate due to the recent economic situation of the country, but I am thankful that despite all the issues coming up here and there, Nigeria is still standing as a nation. I believe Nigeria can weather any storm that comes its way but it requires a great deal or patience and perseverance. God on our side we will over come.

in other news, I got a couple of tickets to the live recording of the Highlites with Ik show. Highlites with Ik is a tv show hosted by popular radio personality and Big Brother Africa host, Ik Osakioduwa. The show tackles societal issues with a dose of humor and wit, also rib-cracking and hilarious skits that the everyday Nigerian can relate to.

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Phobias X HabitsX Obsessions

Hello guys! Been long you saw me *in Wande Coal’s voice*
In order to serve you better, the blog had to undergo some maintenance  but we are back…..
So…… my beautiful portable Adeola of Portableisthenewhot tagged me on her post (you can view it here ) about phobias, habits and obsessions. I could totally relate to a lot of things that she talked about.
Lets just say this post is about getting to know my weird self a little. Shall we,…

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I had always tried to blend in

Lol … I could have easily been mistaken as part of the interior décor

Shy, Introverted, Melancholic, Anti-social were the words that best described me

I loathed being unnoticed, ignored, but at the same time I didn’t want the unnecessary attention the other really pretty girls got, Ironic yeah?

Well, can’t actually blame anyone, I guess this is what happens when you are a “Plain Jane”

I just might be invincible, maybe or maybe not. I don’t know

Can’t anyone see that I also breathe the same air as they do, or don’t I?
I guess I will never know….

                                                                               -Wallflower since the 90’s