Hi there…… My name is Moyinoluwa a.k.a Mo, King Mo, or just Moyin.



I have been on an unapologetic hiatus from the blog, and this was to further discover myself and what exactly it is I wanted out of life and well ,what life basically has to offer me. Now I am back and I am better and yes badder (If there is such a word).

So yeah basically this is a re-introduction post. I present to you Moyin 2.0.

10 things you should know about me…

  1. First things, I am an unrepentant but picky foodie. See you can kidnap me with food but don’t try it oh
  2. I don’t know how to hold a grudge. I personally think I am one of the most unserious persons I know. This is because I would never take stuff to heart, such a happy, happy child.
  3. My facial expressions are an extension of my emotions or feelings. I make the most absurd faces unknowingly.
  4. I would love to go into broadcast media eventually I.e TV or Radio
  5. I can procrastinate for Africa. Like it has reached deliverance stage as we speak, if you know a solution please help a sister
  6. I secretly like to think I was an elf in my former life. I don’t see why you would hate me, well that’s your problem because it’s all Love on this side
  7. Never ever ever disturb my sleep. Honestly it’s a sacrilege
  8. I am a hopeless romantic contrary to popular belief. Just to avoid being taken for granted I would rather shield myself
  9. So growing up I had self-esteem issues but Moyin 2.0 is now aware that she is powerful beyond measure and super awesome. I am the Love child of a Loving Father.
  10. I absolutely look up to Adaora Mbelu-Dania(heard about her way before BBnaija) and Ikpomwosa Osakioduwa (since them wild child days). These two are the awesomest personalities ever. Just Google them and see why…

Enough about me….. I would love to know you all, so drop a comment.

Love X Light




  1. Anu Ojo says:

    First, I must say you look so gorgeous. I love your crown King Mo.
    Reading through your post, I am particularly happy about what you said about your self-discovery journey. “You’re back, better and badder”..lol
    Looking forward to reading good stuffs from you


  2. Idowu Yales says:

    Heeyyy King Mo!

    Good to read this article at this time. Well I like the part you wrote about now overcoming self-esteem and being 2.0 now…That sound “badass” in a cool way.
    But guess what, I stumbled on your article about your going Kayaking…. i think thats now an upgrade yo!

    Shout out to King Mo 3.0! #Upgrade! #LetsGetIt!


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