I remember the simple days
when I had no worries
except the toys or what cartoons to watch
Life was all fun and games,
back then all I wanted was to grow up a little……..

Wish came true, I grew up ok,
suddenly everything changed
More responsibilities
and then comes the worries,
Still lived a little,
but had worries about peoples perception about me
First mistake……
was always the shy type, struggling with knowing who I was.
Now more than anything, I just wanted to grow up a little more
and be treated like an adult.

Another dream come true,
I grew up, then came the actual worries,
“what do I want out of life?”
“Where are you headed in the next 10 years?”
A lot of decisions made, both good and bad
Numerous mistakes, but hey I am only Human

Now all grown up,
some mistakes come back to haunt you,
Time to make amends, but how to eludes you
Trying to see where we got it wrong and maybe start from there
or start over if we are that lucky.
Getting back on track isn’t easy but
relaxing isn’t an option either
There are visions to be actualized
Goals to be achieved and
IMPACT to be made…

Never lose HOPE!!!




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