Hello Guys, happy new month!!

Oh how I love weekends……. No work, plenty rest but its so short

Hope the weekend went well, which is almost over by the way…?

So this is one post that I have had written in my notepad for almost three weeks now… Shame on me. I know we have all heard about “Isoken” the movie by Jade Osiberu which is out in cinemas ( if you haven’t seen it, please go and thank me later).

Image result for isoken

What drew my attention to the movie was basically the clear picture quality and star studded cast. I mean from Dakore Akande, Funke Akindele, Joseph Benjamin, Abimbola Craig, Ayoola (the last two because of Skinny Girl In Transit) etc. I practically dragged/blackmailed/cajoled- call it whatever you want, my cousin to watch this movie. I used to be one of those people that would never watch a Nigerian movie at the cinemas, but the Wedding Party changed that perception.

Isoken has a story line that every Nigerian lady can relate to, in the sense of the pressure to get married once you are of age  and still single. Here are a few things I picked up from the movie;

  • Never Settle Just Because: Sometimes, we find ourselves in positions whereby we would never have ventured into if we had our way. We tend to do certain things to please certain people because you feel that their happiness is probably equal to your peace of mind, or so think… By doing this you eventually realize that you loose your happiness. So do not compromise.


  • If You Know What You Want GO FOR IT!!!! : Indecision is something that a lot of people battle with (myself include) and i think its really bad tho…. In the movie, Isoken knows its Kevin (TeamKev btw) she wants to be with but waits till a week to the wedding before making a firm decision about it. It should be noted that when you are battling with indecision a lot of time is being wasted, if you already know in your gut and heart it is what you want, then GO FOR IT……


  •  Self Development is Key: Irrespective of sex, I am of the opinion that self development is very important don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Marriage is important yes, but you need to bring something to the table. Learn to be hungry for more and not be satisfied when there are other rungs to climb on the ladder. Honestly, no one wants a liability, bitter but so true….. Develop yourself and find fulfillment.

This movie for me gets an A+…… if you haven’t seen it I suggest you do and I can assure you wont regret it. If you have seen it, please share your thought and lessons learnt from it.

Have an amazing week ahead, go forth and break barriers..





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