The Bigger Picture….

Been long you saw me *in Wande Coal’s voice*….

How have you all been and I hope your weekend was great?
Honestly speaking, the reason I have been MIA is because, I have been struggling with finding a balance between my 9-5 job and my passion for blogging, but I am back now and I am here to stay.


So whilst away it occurred to me that had become so relaxed in achieving all I had set out to do this year. It took the help of a very good friend to realize the grave mistake I was making. I also came to the realization that the little free time I had was spent unproductively, with me giving excuses like “I am tired from work” and stuff like that.
To sum up all the English above, in a nutshell I had become too comfortable at the current stage that I had lost sight of the bigger picture which I had set the goals towards at the beginning of the year.

Recently I was privileged to be present at a gathering where Tonye Cole, Co-founder of Sahara group was ministering and he made a statement which I feel should be shared to our generation today. He said “A place of contentment is a dangerous place, Never be too comfortable to stop chasing your goals and dreams”. For a minute or two after hearing this I was so sad because I realized I had fallen to the category of those that are contented with where they are, but it’s still not too late to get back on track and achieve those goals that eventually lead to the Bigger Picture.

I would love to hear your thoughts about losing sight of the bigger picture, please drop your comments below.

Till my next post



4 thoughts on “The Bigger Picture….

  1. Mide says:

    Great lesson here moyin, the place of contentment is indeed a dangerous place that’s why I always say ‘be contented but don’t be complacent’
    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. demilhadey says:

    I totally agree. We seem to thrive when there is adversity to oppose us. But when it isn’t there….i guess we must be our own motivation and opposition.

    Plus we might be content because we finally are financially stable – true story- but there is more to life than that. Impact and God goals remain


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