It’s the start of a new week and it is filled with endless opportunities and possibilities, who is as excited as I am? On second thought I could have sworn yesterday we were in January, what is chasing this year though………
This a new segment on the blog  that will be posted on the last Saturday of every month to celebrate bloggers that are doing exceptionally well in their different niche, and I am super psyched that the first blogger spotlight feature is none other than Adetola Adegbohun aka DeeDee of deedees blog

If there is anything that makes DeeDee (that’s what I call him) stand out is his immense passion for photo blogging.  I first came in contact with him via instagram, he was one of the first bloggers to reach out when I initially started my blog, but the thing is, Deedee is most passionate about giving a voice to those that need to be heard. He visited the Makoko and Ilaje community a while back and it really was inspiring to read about them. You can read all about it here and here
Here is a little about DeeDee….
  • Can we meet Detola?
Detola is a 20 something year old photoblogger who loves to write and take pictures! I believe this is what I am born to do, as I have been unhappy for the major parts of my growing until 2016 when I decided to brace up and take the pen and ‘Elektra’ (My Camera)


Since then, it has always been amazing for me. I feel so alive again doing these, like I was chosen to do that!
·         How did you come about the name DeeDee?z
Prior to when I started blogging, I had always wanted a name that would stick in people’s mind. Something strange and weird for a guy. Such that I would tell people and then they would in turn say, oh WoW, I thought you were this and that! Deedee was actually carved out of my names Adetola Adegbohun…I pulled out the first letter of both names, and there you have DeDe….adjusted to DeeDee. How does it sound to you? Weird right?
Trust me, I have been able to engrain that name into people’s mind! Now people would say, oh I thought you were a lady, I thought this, I thought that and with that the name sticks on their mind and they tend to remember all the time!
·    What was the motivating factor behind the birth of DeeDee’s blog and DeeDee’s Lens?
I wanted a blog where I would just display all the weirdness about me. Relay my past experiences, what I love to do, and how to project myself as someone who wants to be heard. Someone who wants to picture life within my own closet! 
At a young age, I fell in love with writing and photography. Early 2016, I just wanted to scribble something down, realizing how gradually, I wasn’t really happy with what I was doing and how life was going. I realized the need to begin to do things within my little confine. That was when I thought about starting Deedee’s blog.
 I love to travel, yes….but not to beautiful places! I want to be where people need things, because growing up, I understood what it felt to ‘need’. Some of us had it fantastic and amazing. Some of us did not.  I realized that there are people who even wanted what I still had despite myself not even having enough, and I told myself that I would travel the length and breadth of the earth to document these people and how they survive, knowing fully well that survival is for the fittest! 
I also love events, being with happy people, having fun, wining and dining. The sight of this excites me a lot and so I decided to start documenting events.
·      What fuels your passion to keep going despite the obstacles that you might have encountered since you started blogging?
Keep going? I have not even started. I mean, I am just 9 months old as a blogger, and I believe I haven’t even started.
 Photography takes me to another level! Holding the cam, documenting people and places give me an amazing feeling. I can’t describe it, sincerely. I could stand throughout a whole just taking pictures. I feel like there is a spirit behind it! To be sincere, something pushes me, which I don’t know! That force, comes from the inside to the outside. I feel like this is what is am born to do.
·      What is the story behind your Makoko and Ilaje documentary series? Any new documentary in the works?
I have at some point lived with people who obviously lack. Imagine a one eyed man in the middle of the blind! A one eyed man wants to have two eyes, and then you see the blind craving for your one eye! It was like that for me! I grew up needing enough, yet knowing people had less than what I had and still live happy within their means. It inspires me really, and I wanted to have a way to create a visual story that would live with me for the rest of my life. That was what brought about my Documentary photography!
Yes, there is one in the works, and I would announce soon for bloggers and media people who want to be a part of it. Life should not just be about making money, No? We should also be socially responsible too, and I would intend to use this means to bring people on board who would only see the stories but also affect positively!
·       Your Role Models and Why?
I love Jide Odukoya a lot, even though I have not met him in real life. I follow his photostory from documentary way back to documenting weddings and it was amazing! He has got that eye for people and places and when you look at his pictures. They are so unique and timeless. His way and style plays directly into mine, and I see him as someone who would still help with directions as I continue with my slum journey.
Hmmmn….Bayo Omoboriowo. He is an amazing individual too. He reeks of passion and that never say die attitude I see in myself! Bayo started photography out of nothing, he was just passionate and love to take pictures! His story as a photographer is amazing and he is everything I want to do as a young man. When you listen to Bayo’s story when he was starting out! Men! I just see myself all over again! All the challenges I faced at Makoko when I wanted to document! Was a script already written by Bayo, who saw his challenges as a stepping stone.
·      Any advice for those that want to venture into photo and documentary blogging?
My advice, is let passion fuel your desire, but not to point of wanting to kill yourself oh! I was on the canoe to Makoko and Badagry without a life vest. It was crazy, I am that passionate. But my father called me to warn me not to ever try it again!
I will advise prospective photographers, do not think about money, I have not even made a dime from photography. I just love it. Holding the camera and capturing people and places! Just concentrate on your passion and love it.
Also be a people’s person. Interpersonal relationship is very key in this regard, and don’t be forming ‘Butty’. In Bayo Omoboriowo’s voice, if you form ‘Butty’ you are so on your own. Develop a rugged lifestyle, it would be a part of your brand going into the future.
Instagram: @deedeesblog and @deedeeslens
Twitter: @deedeesblog
Till next post and have an amazing weekend ahead xoxo




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