I Am Having an Affair……

I am having an affair ……. yes! and I am not sorry

This affair has gone on for while now and I doubt if I ever want it to end. when ever we link up all I hear is Lord Huron’s “The night we met” playing in my head. Ever since the beginning of this affair, I have had no regrets, just emotions I never thought I had, and memories to last a lifetime.

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Don’t Have It Figured Out??

It’s not too late to welcome you to the month of April!!

Every month signifies a clean slate and new beginnings…..

First of all let me say thank you for sticking around even though I had not written in a while. You are part of the reasons I write, asides it being therapeutic for me. I get to share my thoughts and a part of me , which is exciting and also very new to me….

Set out to conquer the ocean.

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Earlier this week we celebrated International Tourism Day and the theme chosen was “IMPORTANCE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY IN TOURISM”.  I speak the mind of some when I say we all want to travel round the world and revel in the beauty of nature but life just shows itself sometimes * rolling my eyes* .

In this post I will be highlighting some bloggers that awaken the wanderlust spirit in my life with their amazing travel content, which can be very useful for travel inspiration. 

asiyamiphoto credit: Asiyami Gold

on y va….

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Hey Guys,

Finally y’all are back from the holiday, some of us were at work….. but still all love on this side.

I honestly cannot be the only one that feels Lagos stress has become part of our DNA. Like we are literally stressed and breaking down but don’t even know it.  All my readers living in Lagos I am sure you can relate to this, the rests of you *side-eye* no comment. The funniest thing is I love Lagos despite the stress and so I came up with some ways to deal with the stress. I hope they are useful.


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Hello Guys, happy new month!!

Oh how I love weekends……. No work, plenty rest but its so short

Hope the weekend went well, which is almost over by the way…?

So this is one post that I have had written in my notepad for almost three weeks now… Shame on me. I know we have all heard about “Isoken” the movie by Jade Osiberu which is out in cinemas ( if you haven’t seen it, please go and thank me later).

Image result for isoken

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The Bigger Picture….

Been long you saw me *in Wande Coal’s voice*….

How have you all been and I hope your weekend was great?
Honestly speaking, the reason I have been MIA is because, I have been struggling with finding a balance between my 9-5 job and my passion for blogging, but I am back now and I am here to stay.

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